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Post  Dryll Drakoonus on Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:31 am

A Guard's duty is to ensure the safety of both the city and it's people. It is to uphold the law and abide by it at the same time. And nothing could be more against, than arresting anyone that displeases that Guard, or that they have even the slightest of suspicions with little to no proof.

Arrests should ALWAYS be a last resort. If something can be resolved with words then by all means it should be done. A gentle reminder that there are laws in place, and that they will be upheld for the good of all, is often enough to stop most disturbances.

All Guards must try and adopt some kind of "Strikes" system for offenders, and offer a warning the first time.

Should an arrest be necessary (That is to say that other paths have been tried and it has been decided that there is no other option available), the Guard must treat the individual with civility, and not make an effort to worsen a bad situation. Inform them that they will be questioned in a humane manner so long as they cooperate, and that if they answer truthfully and honestly, then they will not be sent to the Stockades for physical interrogation.

But an Arrest should be avoided if possible. They only make things worse, and if something can be solved without such a step, then all the better.

(As an OOC policy, those being prosecuted by guard may opt out of the RP if they wish to leave the RP closed without arrest consequences or an RP fight. We stick strongly to the individuality of all role players and how they wish to play their character.)
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