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Post  Dryll Drakoonus on Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:33 am

Promotions vary in selection, based on current rank.

-Recruits can be promoted to Private by any Master Sergeant+ for completing training.
-Promotions up to Master-Corporal can be by any Captain+ for excellence in duty.

-Promotions above Master-Corporal are set by the Commander after discussion with those available of Sergeant+ rank, based on their experiance of the canidates' ability.


If you think you are not being fully recognised, you should contact an officer and respectfully state the reasons YOU think you deserve a promotion, and ask that he/she pass your request on to your platoon's Lieutenant for consideration between officers.

You will not be punished for taking a logical approach like that.

It is the idiotic "Can I have a promotion because I want one" request that will get you punished.

As well, promotions will NEVER be given simply for RP reasons. Do not ask for a Promotion for RP purposes, as it will be denied time and time again. There will be no punishment for asking, but you will not have your request granted.

As well, even though you have properly requested a promotion does not guarantee you will recieve one. Remember that it is ultimately up to your superiors whether or not you recieve one, and your request will only be filled once they believe that you have met or exceeded their expectations to warrant one.

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