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Stormwind Reserves OOC Policy Empty Stormwind Reserves OOC Policy

Post  Dryll Drakoonus on Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:27 pm

As a member of Wyrmrest Accords amazing RP community, we all usually agree to abide by a set of Common Sense rules that flow about regarding Out of Character actions and text. I am a firm believer that OOC can utterly destroy good RP, while at the same time it should be handled and allowed to flow in a controlled setting. The following is a statement by the Guild Master of the Stormwind Defense, that will be applied to those within the guild, and those who Role Play with us.

Stormwind Defense OOC PolicyFirst and formost, OOC is best left out of /say. Typically what I would ask is that if you plan on speaking OOCly at a guild event, random encounter, or even just one on one, that it be handled with you and the other person in private tells, or in the case of multiple parties involved, a party or raid chat. Stormwind Defense does encorporate Officer Chat as an out of character channel, and by these means our guild should rarely be seen speaking OOCly in /say. Or minimize it.

OOC emotes are no exception either, and follow similar guidelines. Players wishing to emote something OOCly, while from time to time can be OK in public, should also be handled privately away from the channel that is currently bearing the wieght of the RP in question.

Dancing, or other various physical emotes, can be a fun way to break tension and let everyone relax before resuming RP. However, it is being stressed in my guild that these things are to be used in moderation. As with anything in life, enjoy yourself, but please don't take it to another level.

Disagreements on emotes, god-mod/meta claims, can usually be resolved simply without resorting to cluttering /say with rage. As will be stressed with my guild, all discussions on such topics must be handled privately. If the situation cannot be resolved in a timely manner, the situation will be left alone. I do not support blacklisting. I'll cover that later.

Issues with someone displaying over the top OOC additudes are something that I simply will not tolerate. I myself refraine from getting snippy with others in game, as this is just a game and I play it to have fun! Should issues arise involving any member of my guild displaying terrible OOC, RP killing additudes, should be directed directly to me and not to that of even an officer. For the time being, I will handle this myself. Other players demonstrating harsh OOC moods will be tolerated unless the level grows above tolerence level, in which case we will leave the situation and allow both parties to relax and go do something they enjoy more. Like dailies. ... Hah Yeah Right.

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