By Charge of the Crown, and Duty to our wonderful King Varian Wyrnn. (IC Policy)

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By Charge of the Crown, and Duty to our wonderful King Varian Wyrnn. (IC Policy)

Post  Dryll Drakoonus on Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:36 pm

To All Citizens of Stormwind! Commander Dryll Drakoonus of the Stormwind Defense Secondary Guard Regiment does make this decree:

By charge of the Monarchy and our fair King Varian Wyrnn, any manner of creature seen within the walls of glorious Stormwind seen commiting acts in direct violation to the laws of our land shall be punished to the full extent of the law. Arrests and immidiete detainment is granted, and will be implimented, so sayeth the King Varian Wyrnn.

Appeals, should the accused party deem it, are allowable on a sitational basis and are handled directly by the Commanding officer of the Secondary Guard Regiment. Appeals are held before a panal made up of Gaurdsmen, Nobles, Witnesses, Victims, and Witnesses. The Monarchy will declare the final decision outright, uncontested.

((Not going to beat a dead horse, but I would like to remind everyone that Stormwind is a Monarchy, not a Democracy. While free speech is well tolerated, Stormwind's laws cannot be argued as easily as ours can. Rights are fare and few, even though Varian does give us a decent ammount of them! What a great king! king ))
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