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Viktor Barbossa

Post  Viktor Barbossa on Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:53 am

Stormwind Military Enlistment Documents:

Full Name: Viktor Barbossa

Sex: Male

Age: 52

Weight: 280 lbs

Height: 7'0"

Please List any medical issues in the space provided. Skip if Non Applicable.
Place of Birth:
Gilneas City
Current Residence:
Acherus, The Ebon Hold

Past Employement:
Stormwind Guard Regiment 32 - Private - First War
Gilnean Regiment 17 - Private - Second War, sent to the fighting as the Horde were beginning to be pushed back to the portal
Pyrewood Militia - Employed only months before the Third War
Knights of the Ebon Blade
Do you have any prior Military Experience? Please briefly describe:
I have served as a soldier since I was twenty three years old. All I have known is the military.

Personality Overview:

In your own words, please describe what defines courage and how you believe it applies to you.
Courage is the ability to overcome a fear and to take action against it. Everyone feels fear, it is how you manage it that defines your level of courage.

Do you feel inclined to take orders from those of higher rank? If Yes, explain its importance.
Yes. I only ever disobeyed orders once. I never will again unless my commander is no longer in his right mind or a traitor to the Alliance.

How do you respond when around other people? (Example: Shy, Friendly, Arrogent, etc.)
I am a friendly person, but I keep to myself at times.

How have you responded to the recent addition of Gilneas to the Alliance, and do you believe that your personal views could reflect poorly on you interacting with them?
I am quite glad that my old homeland has rejoined the Alliance. I do not think there will be much a problem in me interacting with my fellow Gilneans.

"No one man is greater then another. Rank is but a symbol of Respect, one that must be earned and carried with delicacy and wisdom."
*A Colonel of Old*
Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not?
I agree with this person's wisdom. You must earn respect in order to lead people and thus you must earn respect to gain rank, but when you have someone's respect, you must tread lightly so as to not alienate those who respect you, lest their respect turn to hatred and envy.

Do you currently have any past criminal violations? If so, list them here.
I was never arrested for any offense.

Working within the city may ask you to assist those of the Ebon Blade. Is that acceptable?
Working with my fellow Death Knights is acceptable.

Are you in compliance that you will be forced to re-equip standard Stormwind Military Regalia upon joining?
I would gladly wear a uniform again.

Are you in compliance that the arts of preforming Warlock arts, are not tolerated within the ranks of the Stormwind Defense?
I shall not wield any type of Warlock Magic. My skills with the blade are well enough.

Do you suffer from any psychological issues?

Any other comments or questions:
I am unable to revert to a human form due to the nature of the worgen transformation conflicting with the Unholy magic I did not realize I was wielding in life until after i was freed from the scourge. It seems I always had a potential for it that went unused until my undeath. I shall not use this power if it is counted as warlock magic. As I stated before, my skills with a blade are well enough.

BACKROUND: ((Please write a brief explenation of your character, their backround. This is strictly for OOC purposes, and will not be handled ICly.))
Viktor Barbossa was born in Gilneas City to a family of traders. His family died to disease when he was young and was adopted by an uncle. Him and his uncle traveled to Lordaeron, Ironforge, and Stormwind before deciding to live in Stormwind. At the age of 23, Viktor's uncle died to a heart attack. Having no plans or means of sustaining himself for the long term, Viktor joined the Stormwind Guard in hopes of doing good. Roughly two years later the First war began. Though he participated in no major battles, Viktor fought in multiple skirmishes before his regiment was ordered to retreat north to Lordaeron. His regiment disbanded and he wandered for a few years until he met up with a Gilnean reigment heading to fight the orcs down south. Viktor joined them and fought in a few skirmishes before eventually fighting a few miles away from the Dark Portal. He was injured after the battle for the portal in skirmish and was honorably discharged for his service. He later joined a militia force at Pyrewood village before the Third war broke out. He succumbed to worgen curse but did not lose his mind due to his unknown affinity for Unholy power. This unholy power only partially rejected the druidic curse. He soon after succumbed to the scourge, of which he has no memory. He regained his will shortly before the fall of the lich king and joined the Knights of the Ebon blade to combat this threat. Viktor Barbossa is currently wandering in search of purpose.

Viktor Barbossa

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Post  Alyvia Scarlett on Sat Feb 05, 2011 7:10 pm

Please come see a officer in the Command Center for a IC interview.

Good job with the over all story you posted, I enjoyed reading it.
Alyvia Scarlett
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