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Post  Vyers on Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:11 am

Stormwind Military Enlistment Documents:

Full Name:
Vyers Jonathan Proudmoore
231 lbs.
Please List any medical issues in the space provided. Skip if Non Applicable.

Place of Birth:

Current Residence:

Past Employement:

Do you have any prior Military Experience? Please briefly describe:
None in specific. Family has been serving the Stormwind Guard for as long as I could remember.

Personality Overview:

In your own words, please describe what defines courage and how you believe it applies to you.
Courage is the ability and the know-how to deal with problems head-on, even if your companions back down.

Do you feel inclined to take orders from those of higher rank? If Yes, explain its importance.
Slightly. It's more of a rank issue than it is anything else, to me. If you're a higher rank, it just means you've gotten to where you are because of the hardships you've went through, and if nobody respects that then why are they in your company?

How do you respond when around other people? (Example: Shy, Friendly, Arrogent, etc.)
Equally. People aren't special, and everyone has the ability to be and do the same, in life. Of course, if they're rich, I could get along with them quite well...

How have you responded to the recent addition of Gilneas to the Alliance, and do you believe that your personal views could reflect poorly on you interacting with them?
Gilneans...well, any addition to the Alliance is greatly accepted. Race doesn't have to be, and shouldn't be, a problem. I don't believe my personal views would matter even if they strayed otherwise, since compliance is, for the most part, demanded in the military.

"No one man is greater then another. Rank is but a symbol of Respect, one that must be earned and carried with delicacy and wisdom."
*A Colonel of Old*
Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not?
I do. Everybody is born equal, and they shall all die as equal. The fact that rank is a symbol of respect is irrelevant.

Do you currently have any past criminal violations? If so, list them here.
Not to my knowledge. And I should know.

Working within the city may ask you to assist those of the Ebon Blade. Is that acceptable?
If the higher ups ask of me, I will comply. No questions asked.

Are you in compliance that you will be forced to re-equip standard Stormwind Military Regalia upon joining?
May be a little heavy at first, but I could probably fit into it after a few workouts.

Are you in compliance that the arts of preforming Warlock arts, are not tolerated within the ranks of the Stormwind Defense?
Of course. I'm a Paladin.

Do you suffer from any psychological issues?
Besides the fact that I love money? I don't think it'll cause an issue within the Guard.

Any other comments or questions:

BACKROUND: ((Please write a brief explenation of your character, their backround. This is strictly for OOC purposes, and will not be handled ICly.))
Living his entire life on the riches of his family, Vyers got tired of this lifestyle and actually wanted to do something with his life. He set out from his home in Redridge and moved to Stormwind, to sign with the Guard.


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Post  Alyvia Scarlett on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:28 am

I'm sorry, we don't accept names similar to NPC lore characters.
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