Recruitment Application: Razurath Calthor

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Recruitment Application: Razurath Calthor

Post  razurath on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:59 am

Stormwind Military Enlistment Documents:

Full Name: Razurath Calthor

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Weight: 142lbs

Height: 5'9"

Please List any medical issues in the space provided. Skip if Non Applicable.

Place of Birth:

Current Residence:

Past Employment:
-Brotherhood of Light

Do you have any prior Military Experience? Please briefly describe:
- None.

Personality Overview:

In your own words, please describe what defines courage and how you believe it applies to you.
- Courage is not a matter of how brave a person is, the bravest knight can break when placed before the wrong foe or situation. Courage is being brave five minutes longer then you should be, and lacking the foresight to think about what could go wrong till you're finished. I use this well, as shown in many of my own personal accomplishments while fighting under the banner of the Alliance. While none of these were during strategic military actions, taking on an three squads of Blackrock Orcs and surviving despite having broken my own weapon, and then three of their weapons picked up during the fray is something I look back on. In short, I suppose courage is like controlled insanity; setting aside the idea of survival long enough to succeed so you can look back and swear to never do that again.

Do you feel inclined to take orders from those of higher rank? If Yes, explain its importance.
- Without hesitation. Observing military rank maintains discipline, and through it one creates order. Without order there is only chaos, and through chaos lawlessness, and evil. However, order can also be evil, and commands must be weighed by both the commander and the commanded.

How do you respond when around other people? (Example: Shy, Friendly, Arrogant, etc.)
- I consider myself very outgoing and responsive to conversation, though other people have described me as slightly arrogant in that I, "Look at my self as though flawless, but can forgive others for being flawed." To be honest though, I have no idea what they're talking about. If I were flawless, wouldn't I be humble? Much to that point, humility could be called my greatest weakness. If I had a weakness.

How have you responded to the recent addition of Gilneas to the Alliance, and do you believe that your personal views could reflect poorly on you interacting with them?
- Gilneans, cursed or not, are much like humans. You cannot judge them as a race, but must look at the individual and see for yourself how they stand. I for one see them as a valuable addition to the alliance and would gladly stand by one in any endeavor.

"No one man is greater then another. Rank is but a symbol of Respect, one that must be earned and carried with delicacy and wisdom."
*A Colonel of Old*
Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not?
- No, for all to often rank is wielded as a club to oppress one who is lower rank. 'Give a man power, and you shall see the person he truly is, take it away, and you shall see the monster behind his mask.' A person with rank will almost always seek greater rank, and in that there is no wisdom.

Do you currently have any past criminal violations? If so, list them here.
- Striking a member of the royal guard. Jailed for one week, released without further punishment. As a side note, he was drunk and abusing his rank to try and get a woman to go to bed with him.

Working within the city may ask you to assist those of the Ebon Blade. Is that acceptable?
- The death knights of the Ebon Blade aided us against the Lich King, and the king himself pardoned those who are of the races within the alliance. If they require legal aid, I would gladly lend it to them.

Are you in compliance that you will be forced to re-equip standard Stormwind Military Regalia upon joining?
- Yes. Would like to request permission to retain my two-handed sword, as I have trained with it greatly as it retains immense personal value both as an object and weapon.

Are you in compliance that the arts of preforming Warlock arts, are not tolerated within the ranks of the Stormwind Defense?
- Yes.

Do you suffer from any psychological issues?
- Still recovering from the attack on Southshore, I was there when the forsaken made their attacks and aided in the defense and retreat. Physical wounds have healed, still don't sleep well at night.

Any other comments or questions:

BACKROUND: ((Please write a brief explenation of your character, their backround. This is strictly for OOC purposes, and will not be handled ICly.))

Razurath is the son of a farmer, he was born in Andorhal and raised on the lands surrounding it. His father was recruited during the third war, he never saw his family again. Razurath showed potential for priesthood and joined the newly forged Brotherhood of Light, but soon was tracked instead on the path to become a paladin. He was at Southshore when it fell, having lived there for several years up till that point. He escaped across the gulf to the flooded Menethil Harbor. There he aided in further relief efforts. How he resides in Stormwind, and seeks a purpose for such.

As a character Razurath is one of my favorites as he very realistic, at least in terms of how I see most paladins. Most are incorruptible, stick up spine, never lose faith types. Razurath, since I made him (for a long time he was rp only, which is why he has seen a lot but leveled little) he has proven to be very human, which is what I intended. Though his faith in the Light is unwavering, he is drawn by the troubles of the world. Originally he sought to help everyone, using his powers and training to aid anyone and even went seeking those to help. Watching fire consume homes with their residents within, being imprisoned and unable to do anything as his captors tortured and killed innocent people to try and break him, and being on the losing side of a large scale battle have changed his priorities a lot. Now he seeks the greater good through doing what he can for those around him rather then constantly seeking someone to save. In a city he could easily see himself as a guard, for that is what they do. If others call to him he will go, but he'll not dive into a bear's cave to see if it's eaten anyone recently unless he has excellent reason to do so.

Still, he is youthful and tends to get cocky when faced with a challenge, summoning near reckless determination (did I mention the orcs? Was a pve fight turned pvp turned rp. Broke four weapons total on the pve part, mostly due to poor luck and bad spawning mechanics) no matter the odds or situation.


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Post  Alyvia Scarlett on Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:05 am

Please come to the Command Center for IC Interview.
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