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Post  Monide on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:34 am

Stormwind Military Enlistment Documents:

Full Name: Monide Springswitch

Sex: Male

Age: 41

Weight: 20kg

Height: 90 cm

Please List any medical issues in the space provided. Skip if Non Applicable.
Place of Birth:

Current Residence:
Vagabond, staying at the Guilded Rose currently.

Past Employement:
Stormwind City Reserves

Do you have any prior Military Experience? Please briefly describe:
I was in the Stormwind City Reserves for a few months before leaving for intensive physical and combat training.

Personality Overview:
I'm a fiercely dedicated gnome who understands the importance of both brain and brawn, and am willing to apply both in protecting people and in my inventions.

In your own words, please describe what defines courage and how you believe it applies to you.
Courage is willingness to defend and protect your friends and people despite fear and doubt. I joined the reserves and learned this lesson the hard way, and no longer back down when it's time to step up.

Do you feel inclined to take orders from those of higher rank? If Yes, explain its importance.
Yes, when my superior tells me to jump, I jump. My only question is "How high, sir?" and I only break rank when it is absolutely necessary to protect and serve the people.

How do you respond when around other people? (Example: Shy, Friendly, Arrogent, etc.)
When around other people, I try and keep everything light and happy although this sometimes makes me seem rather informal.

How have you responded to the recent addition of Gilneas to the Alliance, and do you believe that your personal views could reflect poorly on you interacting with them?
Who? I'm not particularly acquainted with the 'Gilneas', although I haven't had any conflicting view thus far with any race I've met.

"No one man is greater then another. Rank is but a symbol of Respect, one that must be earned and carried with delicacy and wisdom."
*A Colonel of Old*
Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not?

In any situation, one must respect his superiors. Without that respect, those who are superiors would cease being superior, and that respect must be earned by being valorous, dedication, intelligence, and humility.

Do you currently have any past criminal violations? If so, list them here.
None that I know of.

Working within the city may ask you to assist those of the Ebon Blade. Is that acceptable?
I have no problem with the Ebon Blade and have worked beside the Ebon Blade before.

Are you in compliance that you will be forced to re-equip standard Stormwind Military Regalia upon joining?
Full compliance, wearing uniform is not an issue for me.

Are you in compliance that the arts of preforming Warlock arts, are not tolerated within the ranks of the Stormwind Defense:

BACKROUND: ((Please write a brief explenation of your character, their backround. This is strictly for OOC purposes, and will not be handled ICly.))
(( Monide Springswitch was was a mostly air-headed gnome for the first 25 years of his life, before being forced out of Gnomeregan from the invasion. He then was required to get a job to help support his family and he wasn't a tinkerer like most gnomes, at least up to this point in his life. After working in an alchemy shop as an errand boy, becoming interested in alchemy (and engineering), he left his job and family to go explore the world and adventure at the young age of 40. Never having learned any combat skills, Monide quickly burned through his small reservoir of money and found himself in Stormwind again with very little money and need for a job. So he turned to the Stormwind City Reserves for a job and became a reservist.

Over the next few months, he quickly learned a decent amount about fighting and made some close friends before being discharged for not being a strong enough fighter after being ambushed for the third time. With the little money he had left, Monide joined the crew of the Frostbrand Marines and sailed the seas of Northrend, training and learning to fight from the rather diverse crew. Over the next month, the Frostbrand Marines pursued and hunted various liches with the ragtag crew, although generally without much success. While on the crew, Monide learned quite a bit about keeping ships running, how fun the shrouds can be, and how tall troll berserkers really are and even befriended one on the crew.

Upon their return to Stormwind, Monide left to seek his fortune again in Stormwind with his newly acquired fighting and technical skills.



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Post  Dryll Drakoonus on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:38 am

See an officer in game for your interview!
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