Squads (Where do I fit in?)

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Squads (Where do I fit in?) Empty Squads (Where do I fit in?)

Post  Dryll Drakoonus on Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:25 am

As the members of the Reserves swells every day, it has become necessary to organize the regiment into specific squads to share the workload among officers. The Squads are listed below - If you are not sure which squad you are in, consult your officers note in game,

So far...
Alpha Squad, led by Lieutenant Alyvia Scarlett
Bravo Squad, led by Lieutenant Gashwin Tillsdale
Charlie Squad, led by Staff Sergeant Thoranis Wolfwhisper
Delta Squad, led by Sergeant Monide Springswitch
Echo Squad, led by Sergeant Oriem Stoneheart

How do these squads function?
To put it simply, the leader of your respective squad should be the one you always go to for questions, concerns, etc. Your squad leader actively directs your time spent on duty, and also takes priority over orders given to you. (Save the Commander and Captain, of course.)

You are encouraged to patrol with members of your own squad, however mixing and matching is in no way discouraged. Events may spring up later for specific squads to complete. If you would for anyone reason, wish to switch squads, you may speak with your respective squad leader, or a commanding officer (Commander/Captain) for a transfer. These may not always be granted.
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