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Post  Dryll Drakoonus on Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:18 pm

First of all, this is an RP server - so it is generally ASSUMED that you In Character (IC) a lot more often then you are Out of Character (OOC).

To put it simply, whatever you put into this guild is equal to what you will get back. I have no strict demands on how often you RP, whether it be light (Once or Twice a week) Medium (3-4 Times a Week) or Heavy (Nearly every Day.)

Of course, if you are the kind of person that does not RP often, you will obviously not go very high in the ranks, but certainly this will not reflect on you when you actually are IC. Some people may PvE 80% of the time, and RP 20%, and they may want to RP a guard. I have no issue with this, in fact I encourage it if that is what you prefer, however, it is UNLIKELY that you will advance above the rank of Corporal.

For those of you more active members, I'd like to go over how you are expected to act OOCly.

As someone who has put time, money, and sweat into getting this guild going, I have but a few very SIMPLE requests when it comes to handling yourself OOCly.

Please refrain from spamming-
Please refrain from going overboard on language (I swear like a sailor, but I never let it get out of control)
Please keep awkward, sexual topics out of the guild OOC channel, or at least on a respectable level, and only in joking. I dun' wanna hear about your ERP in officer chat - simple as that.
Please refrain from speaking negatively about another guild member in officer chat, even if they are not around. This will be punished with two warnings, followed by an instant kick.
No raging. Similar strikes will be offered as in the above rule ^
And most importantly, BE RESPECTFUL. This is a game, and we all play it to have fun. People who start arguments and debates in this game OOCly are people that need to go out and find some IRL friends. Srsly.

Please note, Officer Chat as an OOC Channel is a PRIVILEGED, one that can be easily revoked if a lot of rule breaking is seen. Officer OOC is such a convenience to us, I would rather NOT have to remove it. please don't make me have to Sad

Thats all I've got to say about OOC for now. King's Honor!

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