The Creation of the Stormwind Reserves Secondary Guard Legion

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The Creation of the Stormwind Reserves Secondary Guard Legion Empty The Creation of the Stormwind Reserves Secondary Guard Legion

Post  Dryll Drakoonus on Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:49 am

ATTENTION! And welcome to the forums of The Stormwind Reserves. Founded to relieve the already battered regiments both fighting abroad and defending at home, the Guard are tried every day in the difficult challenge of keeping the King's enemies at bay.

<The Stormwind Reserves> bears a number of Policing and Security roles. Holding back the Scourge, the Horde, the Legion, The Twilight Threat, and the hundreds of smaller military and criminal threats besieging the Kingdom both within and without, and her other human allies, has taken it's toll on the Stormwind military. Several regiments have been nearly wiped out by the endless fighting. Authorized by Captain Telon of Stormwind Defense, a new Regiment was founded to take the torch from tired hands. Currently led by the ambitious Commander Dryll Drakoonus, the Regiment hopes to prove itself. In particular, the Regiment's 1st Company, the featured men and women of the guard featured in-game.

To apply to <The Stormwind Reserves>, all you need to do is fill in an application on the forums for approval and take a short in-game interview if accepted.

Remember, Stormwind is only as strong as those that fight to defend it. Will you be there, standing proudly amongst her armies, to answer when enemies attack her from within and without? Your people need you. Your calling is here.

((<The Stormwind Reserves>, Run by Commander Dryll Drakoonus is a Heavy RP/Light PvE/Light PvP Company of the "Guard" - Stormwind's Army. Duties include policing Stormwind City, as well as Burning Steppes, Duskwood, Westfall, Redridge, and Elwynn provinces.))

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