Blacklist and Prisoner's time

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Blacklist and Prisoner's time Empty Blacklist and Prisoner's time

Post  Gashwin on Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:57 am

If there are any arrests made of suggestions for adding to the blacklist, please contact Gashwin so that he can keep record of it with the others and then add it to this list.

<Defias> - Shown to be GodModders and Metagammers
----Ex 1: Rather than actually emoting to escape or waiting for return emotes to counter an escape, they chose to implement the mechanic of sprint and run.
<Nightfall Brotherhood> - Shown to be GodModders, metagammers, and general bad roleplayers.
----Ex 1: During an attempted arrest of Trogen, a group of said guild chose to run around, spam abilities rather than emote them, and just generally cause a ruckus.
-----Follow up of Ex 1: The Roleplay, a total of around 30 minutes, was completely ret conned on agreement of the Greenwells and Reservists.

January 29 : 6:13pm – Trogen Released Jan 30 : 1:44pm
February 8 : 7:55pm - Wyrick / Fawyer


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