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Post  Dryll Drakoonus on Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:06 am

The following are the Official sets accepted by the Stormwind Reserves. These sets are Official, and may not be substituted for your own preferred sets, as uniformity must be maintained to an acceptable degree. These have been chosen from various NPC Guards around town and reflect that. ((Rule #1-NO CAPES!))

RP Plate: Imperial Plate With Knight's Gaunlets, Knight's Girdle, and Ornate Bracers. (Imbued Pauldrons may be used instead of Imperial Plate Shoulders)

RP Mail: Recruit+: Chainmail Set

RP Leather: Private+: Nighstcape set + Blackened Defias Gloves + Dusky Belt
Recruit: The embossed set

RP Cloth: Private+ Robes of Arcana (Sorcerer's Shoulders acceptable. Medical Personnel should equip white shoulders of similar/matching design.)
Recruit: Blue Linen Robes

RP Weapons: Any simple bladed weapon is acceptable if without glow.

RP Shields: Knight's Crest, Crest of Darkshire, Aegis of Stormwind, Commander's Crest.

REGULATION: (Must Have!) Blue Linen Shirt (Chainmail does allow no shirt worn beneath), Tabard

NON REGULATION: (Unacceptable) Capes, PvP Reward armour, 2H weapons (Death Knights only), Maces (Priests and trained Battlefield Chaplains only), Personal gear. The best way to remember what is and is not allowed: If we didn't give it to you, DO NOT EQUIP IT ON DUTY.

ALLOWED CHANGES: "Fortified" or "Mail Combat" type Shoulders for Chainmail set, some 1H swords, granted they are not excessively large or overly ornate. Do not enchant your RP weapons with any "Glow". If you do, you will be ordered to replace them anew at your own expense.

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