Application for Thryden Moore

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Application for Thryden Moore

Post  Thryden on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:19 am

Stormwind Military Enlistment Documents:

Full Name: Thryden Alexander Moore

Sex: Male


Weight:195 lbs


Please List any medical issues in the space provided. Skip if Non Applicable.


Place of Birth:

Current Residence:

Past Employement:
Moore Arsenal. Knights of the Silver Hand

Do you have any prior Military Experience? Please briefly describe:
I served as a sargeant in the Royal Army of Stormwind from the time I was twenty three years in age until I was thirty.

Personality Overview:

In your own words, please describe what defines courage and how you believe it applies to you.
Courage is sometimes a hard word to describe. Many things define courage to me. Be it from the ability to stand in front of invariable odds, to simply standing up to some thug harassing a defenseless person. But most of all to what I can say, courage is to embrace all of life's hardships and have the determination to endure through them despite the urge to flee.

Do you feel inclined to take orders from those of higher rank? If Yes, explain its importance.
Yes, it is important to respect one's superiors in office. Even if you do not personally know them, they must have something special to receive the promotion they got. And if they can earn the respect of someone enough to get a promotion, they deserve respect from me.

How do you respond when around other people? (Example: Shy, Friendly, Arrogent, etc.)
It honestly depends on the person. Normally I am a little shy, but always friendly.

How have you responded to the recent addition of Gilneas to the Alliance, and do you believe that your personal views could reflect poorly on you interacting with them?
The Gilneans have seen more tragedy than most ever will. To see your friends and family succumb to such a curse would be certainly devastating. They need the help of the Alliance and as a soldier of the Alliance it is my duty to help them in any way that I can.

"No one man is greater then another. Rank is but a symbol of Respect, one that must be earned and carried with delicacy and wisdom."
*A Colonel of Old*
Do you agree with this quote? Why or :
I do agree that rank is a symbol of respect and that it must be carried with wisdom and delicacy. But some men are not equal to other men. Evil men are not my equals and they deserve to live under the treads of my grieves.

Do you currently have any past criminal violations? If so, list them here.
I was caught shoplifting when I was twelve years of age. It was a long time ago and should be chalked up to childish antics.

Working within the city may ask you to assist those of the Ebon Blade. Is that acceptable?
It is difficult to work with the Ebon Blade, but it is also my duty to do what is asked of me by my superiors.

Are you in compliance that you will be forced to re-equip standard Stormwind Military Regalia upon joining?
Yes, I still have the armor I wore as a soldier of Stormwind and would be proud to wear it once again.

Are you in compliance that the arts of preforming Warlock arts, are not tolerated within the ranks of the Stormwind Defense?
Yes, sir. I have always had a prejudice of those that openly practice the dark arts.

Do you suffer from any psychological issues?
None that should be concerned over.

Any other comments or questions:
Not at this time.

BACKROUND: ((Please write a brief explenation of your character, their backround. This is strictly for OOC purposes, and will not be handled ICly.))
((Thryden was born the third child of Kenneth and Stella Moore. He was raised in the city of Stormwind and helped out as much as he could in the family store located in the Trade District. Having a strong faith in the Church of Holy Light at the age of 17 he joined the Order of the Silver Hand and studied to become a paladin.
He was inducted into the order at the age of twenty three and enlisted in the Royal Army of Stormwind. Where he was stationed in Southshore for seven years. When he was thirty, he was devastated by the loss of his brother and came back to Stormwind to be near his family and help at the store.

I do have more of a story for him, but I think that understanding through discovery is an excellent part of a person's rp story.))


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Re: Application for Thryden Moore

Post  Oriem on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:58 am

Couple spelling mistakes, but I like your application. /stamp of approval


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